Symmetra Connect


In May 2016, Symmetra launched the first breakfast session of the Symmetra Connect Series. Partnering with Macquarie Group we set out to bring the latest ideas and thought provoking topics in the field of diversity and inclusion to our clients and colleagues. Symmetra Connect provided a fresh perspective on how to leverage diversity, cultivate a high performing culture and keep informed on cutting edge ideas at the nexus of leadership, psychology, technology and workplace culture.

Over the course of the year we delivered 11 sessions nationally having received roughly 98% positive ratings, with 75-85% of people rating the sessions “Very Good” or “Excellent” in terms of Value, Relevance, Originality and Delivery. The most successful session was Psychological Safety presented by Heather Price, with over 120 attendees.

We are excited about continuing to bring thought leadership and enrich the solutions we bring to our clients in 2017. Symmetra Connect is an exciting extension of our brand, where we are engaging our communities with even more valuable and relevant content than ever before.

Due to popular demand clients are requesting delivery of the 1 hour sessions described below as Lunch and Learns internally.



Debiasing Your Decisions

We know we can’t rewire our brain and wipe out unconscious bias, but we can change the environment in which our decisions are made. Explore how companies across the globe are using novel strategies to counteract bias when making key decisions, and learn techniques which you too can use to outsmart personal and systemic bias.

Silicon Diversity 

Technology is the great disruptor and is altering all corners of the economy – and the field of diversity and inclusion is no exception. This session reveals some of the innovative ways technology is being applied to advance diversity and inclusion, and counteract bias.

Presented by Joshua Price

Installing an Inclusion Barometer 

Is your company advocating diversity and inclusion but only measuring diversity for leadership KPI’s? Follow Symmetra’s journey to define, model and measure the rapidly evolving concept of inclusive leadership  across the globe and see how this is being used to  build inclusive leadership capability in a broad spectrum of industries.

Presented by Lisa Skovron

Leading Edge Customer Inclusion 

Smart organisations have moved way beyond viewing customer diversity as simply reflecting their customer base. Applying D&I principles to customer experience offers leading edge organisations the ability to re-think their relationship with customers and protect their business from the inside out.

Presented by Deb Ashetton

Psychological Safety and Innovation

Psychological Safety is a crucial component of inclusion, learning and innovation. Understanding how to create a speak-up culture which balances safety, risk taking and accountability will open the door for a new wave of creativity and collaboration in your company.

Presented by Heather Price

Defining Merit in a Meritocracy   


In the modern workplace ‘merit’ is increasingly not just relevant experience and developed competencies, but also demonstration of  learning agility, leadership flexibility and inclusiveness, required to excel in an unpredictable and rapidly changing  environment. Organisations need to redefine what they require in order to grow  and sustain the right talent.

Presented by Lorraine Smith

Panel Discussion: D&I Tipping Point           


Many organisations are significantly increasing their level of focus and investment on diversity and inclusion. There are varied motivations for what is in many cases a substantial change in commitment and emphasis. Hear from leading companies in three different sectors about what made diversity come out of the back room and into their boardroom and shift from being a social justice issue to a strategic business imperative.

Hosted by Heather Price