The E-Challenge is Symmetra’s unique online learning platform which embraces the principles of gamification to create a fun experience that motivates people to compete and complete!

designUsing our world-class D&I content, we’ll custom build your e-learning or adapt one of our ready-to-go modules. EC-engageThe competitive game format delivers a fun, highly interactive and challenging experience that users will want to come back to.
EC-enquireNeatly integrated survey interactions collect data on user perceptions and priorities as part of the learning experience. sustainDeploy learning in series of convenient 10-minute “Learning Bytes” that will keep D&I messages front of mind.


The E-Challenge is a both a training and enterprise wide communications tool that can be used to raise awareness, develop understanding, and change behaviours to create a more inclusive workplace. By combining education, diagnostics and personal action planning in a game-based approach, the E-Challenge offers one of the world’s most engaging tools for creating change on a large scale.


Now introducing Learning Bytes

Learning Bytes  is a new approach to online learning, reducing programs into convenient step by step modules that are only 10 minutes in length and therefore do not constitute a major interruption to a person’s  day. The Learning Bytes can be delivered over an extended period of time (e.g. once per month) which keeps issues front of mind and is highly effective for long term reinforcement.

Learning Bytes is also a powerful tool for enterprise-wide messaging and mass communication; distributing information – and obtaining feedback – using an interactive and entertaining format.