Learning Bytes

Distilling more than 25 years of global D&I experience into a practical and succinct package for the modern workplace, Symmetra presents Inclusion Learning Bytes

The Learning Bytes, delivered through the engaging, gamified E-Challenge platform are a series of 10 minute  interactive learning and development modules.  This short and sweet package ensures learners stay engaged, remember key messages, and can access useful learning when and where it suits them. All Learning Bytes use a combination of high quality video, interactive games, action planning and best in class content to deliver results.

Our library of “Ready-to-Go” Learning Bytes can be used for focused interventions, large scale learning and awareness raising, or blended learning / reinforcement in conjunction with other learning programs.

Available Topics:

Within each topic area below, there are multiple Learning Bytes available including a Foundation introductory module, as well as various Extension modules for deeper learning in each area.

  • Diverse Talent: Explore the impact and value-add of different kinds of demographic diversity
  • Inclusive Behaviours: Understand the basis of inclusive behaviour and how you can contribute to inclusion in your team and organisation
  • Unconscious Bias: Learn about unconscious bias and its impact on talent and business decisions
  • Psychological Safety: Develop an understanding of this essential driver of team performance and the behaviours that promote it
  • Flexibility: Discover why flexibility is smart business strategy, and how to work as part of a flexible and dispersed / remote team
  • EEO Compliance: Ensure you understand your rights and obligations with respect to bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation