D&I Workplace Policies and Procedures Review

Leveraging our expertise in working across multiple industries, we can assess your diversity and broader HR policies in order to ensure they are optimised for a diverse workforce with diverse needs.

Our assessment of policy and process uses a threefold lens:

  • Legal Lens: Reviewed by an anti-discrimination expert to ensure the policy is legally compliant with all aspects of National EEO legislation and the Fair Work Act and free from discrimination.
  • Equity Lens: Ensures that your policies take into account inclusion and fairness principles which advocate for reasonable accommodation of diverse needs and suggest that the same treatment for all does not necessarily always deliver the best outcomes.
  • Bias: Examines for potential decision making “touch points” that could be particularly vulnerable to unconscious bias.

At the intersection of these 3 lenses lies Best Practice. This is formally defined by the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark Standards which we apply as a qualitative test to ensure you conform with the highest global standards.

Bullying and Harassment Review

Symmetra has supported with many organisations to achieve their goal of a discrimination, bullying and harassment free workplace. We can review your bullying and harassment policies and grievance/investigation procedures to ensure not only that they are compliant with legislation, but also that they have clear communication and issue management procedures attached so that the handling of a complaint does not cause more anxiety than the subject of the complaint itself.