Workplace Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Training

EEO Total Solution

Symmetra is your one-stop-shop for Equal Employment Opportunity (bullying, harassment and discrimination) solutions. We provide everything your organisation needs to ensure it is taking all the necessary precautions to prevent inappropriate behaviour, as well as being well prepared to manage any issues that might arise in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our Total EEO Solution includes:

  • Policy review
  • Complaints procedure review, including clear guidance on roles, responsibilities and communication
  • Issue reporting framework
  • Engaging leadership for culture change
  • Training for staff and managers
  • Building capability for Harassment Contact Officers
  • Online training tools

 Fair is Fair Training

Discrimination, bullying and harassment have a debilitating impact on employee morale and retention, as well as the psychological state and performance of employees. Bullying alone costs national economies billions of dollars a year.

Effectively informing staff of their rights and obligations is critical to maintaining a healthy workplace culture (not to mention a legal necessity).  In addition, managers and supervisors need to be equipped to respond effectively to situations involving inappropriate behaviour.

EEO compliance training is often seen to be dry and uninteresting, but with Fair is Fair Symmetra has developed a highly interactive one-of-a-kind program to build both the knowledge and skills required to embed a bullying and harassment free workplace.

Behaviour and Values

The Behaviour and Values Program is a “next step” hybrid between EEO compliance and building an inclusive workplace culture. It changes the risk management focus of EEO training to one of building positive relationships and achieving better performance outcomes.

The Behaviour and Values workshops will reinforce some of the fundamental legal obligations with respect to bullying, harassment and discrimination – but then explores and develops core behaviours for creating a positive and inclusive working environment that is respectful of all people and treats them fairly and with dignity, creating more collaborative, higher performing teams.

Harassment Contact Officer (HCO) Training

HCOs are intended to be the first point of contact when an employee has a potential complaint regarding inappropriate behaviour. As such, they both require a detailed knowledge of their obligations both to the complainant and the organisation, as well as the insight to balance privacy and the interests of the individual with a duty of care and the obligation to take action when health and safety are at risk. Our HCO training program is customised based on your organisation’s specific policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure the people who are asked to take on this important role are confident and capable to handle the issues that come their way.