Cultural Diversity

Embedding Inclusion: First Australians

The Embedding Inclusion: First Australians program has been designed to empower non-Indigenous employees, supervisors and managers with improved knowledge, understanding and skills to behave inclusively and work effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The workshop helps participants develop the cross-cultural intelligence and capability to relate to their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues, clients and members of the community with dignity and respect.

Run by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal facilitators, the workshop utilises our highly engaging and interactive Diversity Challenge methodology with a live audience response systems, video and music. While participants are given key insights into those cultural dimensions most likely to impact their work and interactions, the focus of this program is on embedding an organisational culture that is inclusive and welcoming for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, customers/clients and community members.

Cross Cultural Intelligence

As the world becomes more interconnected and our societies and workplaces become more and more culturally diverse, our degree of cultural intelligence increasingly determines how successful we are in business. This extends beyond just dealing with international teams but also removing barriers to culturally diverse talent in our organisations and leveraging their valuable perspectives.

In response to the growing demand for a skills-based approach to cross-cultural education of leaders, Symmetra offers a workshop designed specifically to increase the cultural intelligence of participants – so they are equipped to work across a wide array of cultures with understanding, sensitivity and flexibility. This workshop addresses elements of core elements of cultural orientation (the inclination to think, act and behave in a particular way), unconscious ethnic bias and techniques for improving collaboration in cross cultural teams.