Diversity & Inclusion Foundations

Diversity Imperative

The case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace has changed. A number of factors – both internal and external to your organisation – are driving diversity as a business imperative around the world. So they question is, do your leaders understand the new business case for diversity and inclusion?

A workforce community that really appreciates the case for diversity and its many implications for sustained competitive advantage is going to progress at an entirely different rate – and perform at an entirely different level – to one that considers diversity and inclusion just a ‘nice thing to do’.

Symmetra offers a highly customised approach to presenting the case for D&I. We do a thorough Needs Analysis to identify exactly where diversity and inclusion supports and adds value to your overarching business strategy.  We then convert sceptics in your organisation into active champions with a highly compelling, exhaustively researched and industry and organisation specific presentation that addresses the multitude of workplace and marketplace drivers that have positioned diversity as a key source of competitive advantage. The Diversity Imperative is highly effective both when delivered to small leadership teams, or at large conferences and breakaways for the ‘Big Bang’ effect.

Diversity Challenge

The Diversity Challenge is a unique workshop tool using an interactive game format designed to build knowledge about a range of diversity and inclusion issues, as well as audit perceptions on how successfully an organisation is embedding inclusivity.

The flexibility of the format means the applications of the Challenge are extremely wide and varied. It has been used with audiences of all sizes (from 15 to over 1,500 people at one time), from new graduates and front line staff through to executive leaders.

Diversity and Inclusion covers a wide range of topics, so every Diversity Challenge session is customised to tackle the issues that are important to your organisation, drawing from the Challenge’s global library of content and scenarios developed by Symmetra’s multidisciplinary team of diversity, legal, human resources and business management experts.