Flexibility in the Workplace

FlexAgility Programs

Symmetra’s FlexAgility Programs are customised solutions created using evidence based best practice. Tailored for each unique workplace, our solutions build on the behaviours, skills and attitudes of individuals to ensure that flexibility becomes a mainstreamed business practice.

FlexAgility focuses on the cultural and attitudinal components of a flexible workforce that create agile work environments.  Our approach is an organisational change process which blends strategy, diagnostics, training, coaching and action based learning.  The combination of methodologies provides an innovative, challenging and highly engaging experience for participants, and ensures that established policies, processes and structures are translated into real-world practice.  In this way, flexibility becomes a proactive strategy for attracting talent, raising engagement and delivering high performance.

Flex Toolkits

Normally integrated into a FlexAgility Program, our Flexibility Toolkits are available as a standalone resource to embed flexible work as a standard business practice. Separate Toolkits have been designed for Leaders who manage a flexible team, Workers who work flexibly or want to, and HR business partners that need to support and coach leaders and teams through setting up and sustaining a flexibility arrangement.