Flexible Working Arrangements

Symmetra’s FlexAgility Programs are customised solutions created using evidence based best practice. Tailored for each unique workplace, our solutions build on the behaviours, skills and attitudes of individuals and teams to ensure that flexibility becomes a mainstreamed business practice.

We focus on a team based approach to flexible working, one that recognises that flexibility cannot remain a simple agreement between each individual and the leader, but a collaborative and continuously evolving arrangement between individuals that takes the needs of all individuals into account. 

Our FlexAgility Program focuses on the team as well as the organisation in which the team operates to provide an organisational change process which blends strategy, diagnostics, training, coaching and action based learning.  The combination of methodologies will:

  • Position flexibility as a win-win pathway to improved performance and engagement
  • Encourage an agile approach to flexibility: iterate and improve
  • Establish an infrastructure to support teams to solve problems and adapt
  • Consciously counteract myths, biases and norms limiting the success of flexibility
  • Build leader and team capability to design new ways of working